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Here's what customers are saying about our on-line courses...

"The Quality Program courses are informative and easy to follow. Nice to have the whole quality process broken up into smaller courses to suit our schedule, and to tailor to our needs. Our team is better-prepared to contribute effectively to the overall quality process."

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Chris Stapor, DOM

Capitale Helicoptere

"The Quality Program course is great for anyone new to the quality management function of aircraft operations and maintenance, or even someone experienced that just wants to sharpen or update their knowledge base. Easy to fit into a hectic schedule since it's broken down into three courses. Recommended!" 


Peter Schendrieck, PRM

Heliproducts Industries

Quality Program Series

Quality Program Part 2 - Auditing Essentials

Auditing Essentials

Auditing Essentials enables team members to conduct effective audits as part of a comprehensive Quality Program.
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More comments from our customers...

"The 350 PFI course is a great supplement for pilots new to type, and for those looking to build on their existing technical library and have a better understanding of what they're looking at during the walk-around.  A good course for anyone working with the Astar, pilots and mechanics alike."

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Charlie Goggin, Chief Pilot

Zimmer Air Services

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