Do you want to give your plane or retired component a new lease on life?

Contact us if you're considering donating your aircraft or aircraft component.

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One-time Gift



  • Capital/Fundraiser
  • Tribute/Tuition
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Would you like to help us build training facilities?

Contact us if you'd like to learn more about our plans to build a place we can call home.


We're looking for aircraft and aircraft components!

We're new and need your help!

To support training programs we are constantly looking for unused aircraft and aircraft components to be used as training aids.

To support youth programs, which promote careers in aviation, we are currently searching for a serviceable 4- to 6-seat airplane.

If possible, candidates are currently Canadian-registered and in airworthy condition.  Aircraft can be picked up or flown from the donor's location.

Donation receipts are provided following receipt of a third-party appraisal.  

Click here to contact us for more information.