The Kennedy School of Aviation

Pre-flight Program - Grades 6 & 8
Introduction to Aviation
The aviation industry has amazing opportunities waiting for the right people.  Our 'Pre-flight' program will introduce grades 6 and 8 students to the many dynamic parts of a global endeavor.  Topics include:

A Brief History of Aviation
Canadian Pioneers
A Day-in-the-Life
Career Paths
High School Course Considerations

All of our on-line courses are provided through our Learning Management System. 


Students will learn about the various career opportunities and what a typical day might look like in each job.

From design and manufacturing, to operations and maintenance, students will get to see what it takes to build aircraft and keep them safely flying.

Career options presented:

Aeronautical Engineer
Aircraft Technician
Air Traffic Controller
Aviation Management

Each student will receive a 'Careers in Aviation' worksheet.  Questions can be answered as the student progresses through the presentations.

Next Steps
The 'Careers in Aviation' worksheet includes a checklist to help students decide which courses to take in high school.

'Situational Awareness' is a big part of aviation.  Knowing where we are is the first step in planning a trip.  So before setting off on a path students will need to assess their strengths and weaknesses so that they can make sound decisions with respect to where they plan to move forward.    

And of course knowing your destination is the next step.  To arrive safely many calculations are made before an aircraft leaves the ground.  Students will learn what the requirements are for each career path.

Program certificates of completion are provided to each student.

The Kennedy School of Aviation

Engine Start Program - 'FlyGirls!'
The Industry
The aviation industry has been changing.  Where there were only a handful of women in the industry there are now many.  What once was a male-dominated industry is now seeing more and more female presence. 

The 'Fly-girls' program will show you how the numbers of women in the industry has been growing and how you can be part of that group. 

Topics include:

Women in Aviation
Industry Statistics - Then and Now
Career Paths

Date:  (additional dates TBD)

Duration:  4 hours, 0800-1200
Location:  St. Catharines (YSN)

The Opportunities
Are you the inquisitive type that wants to know what makes 'it' work?  Do you like to build and fix?   This segment gives students the opportunity to see the 'nuts and bolts' of aircraft and aircraft systems.  You'll learn about the 3 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) trades:

Maintenance, Avionics, Structures

Or are you interested in operating the machine - making it an extension of you?  This segment gives students the opportunity to explore the operational side of things.  You'll learn about some of the basics of flight, and some of the different types of flying, in both helicopters and planes:

Air Taxi, Utility, Military, Police Services, Medevac

Date: (additional dates TBD)

Duration: 4 hours, 0800-1200

Location:  St. Catharines (YSN)

Next Steps
Would you like to have some help getting started?  Checklists are very common in aviation - so we're going to give you one of your own. 

Where you are now, where you want to go and how you're going to get there.  Who you need to be in contact with and best of all, we'll connect you with a mentor to help guide you! 

Our mentors are women already established in aviation who are eager to invite new members to a growing team.

Once you've chosen a path, completed your post-secondary training and have some experience to, too, can become a mentor for the next generation of FlyGirls!

Look up...we're waiting for you:)

Course certificate of completion provided.

The Kennedy School of Aviation

Engine Start Program - 'Careers in Aviation'
Hudson Image 443
Day One - In-Class...
Would you like to learn about jobs in aviation?  The 'Careers in Aviation' course will introduce you to these career paths:

Aeronautical Engineer
Aircraft Technician
Air Traffic Controller
Aviation Management

Date:  Saturday, 08 Oct 2022
(additional dates TBD)

Duration:  4 hours, 0800-1200
Location:  St. Catharines
Course certificate of completion provided.

Hudson Image 444
Day Two - Hangar Visit...
To get an up-close look at how operations and maintenance are planned you'll visit one of our partner's hangars.  See the on-the-job side of aviation with this guided tour:

Maintenance Planning
Aircraft Dispatch
Pre-flight Inspections

Date:  Sunday, 09 Oct 2022

Duration: 5-6 hours including transit, 0800-1300

Location: Pearson International Airport

Transportation and lunch provided for you and one parent/guardian.

Day Three - Flight Training...
And how about some hands-on  experience?  You'll get a one-hour training flight!  As you enjoy the view from the clouds you'll learn about:

Aircraft Performance
Flight Controls
Flight Instruments
Radio Communication

Date:  Flights are weather-permitted, and booked on a Saturday or Sunday that suits student's schedule.

Duration: 1-2 hours including pre- and post-flight briefing. 

Location:  Niagara District Airport

Student Pilot Log Book
Provided.  Take two passengers along with you!

The Kennedy School of Aviation

Test-flight Program - 'Basic Training'
The aviation industry is a group of high-caliber professionals.  This program aims to prepare students for the level of performance that is expected by prospective employers.  

'Standards of Airworthiness' is a commonly used term in the industry.  It shapes the policies and procedures that support a culture of pride and dignity. 

The program will allow students to become accustomed to a disciplined regimen of quality and safety.  It will introduce them to some of the Transport Canada regulatory requirements of the various industry segments, and explain the various methods of compliance.


The program curriculum includes content that introduces students to various career paths.  Subjects include:

WHMIS and Hazardous Goods
Design Engineering
Metallurgy and Corrosion
Basic Hand Tool Skills
Basic Electrical Circuits
Aircraft Engines and Systems
Navigation and Radio Communication
First Aid and Survival Skills
Theory of Flight
Human Performance Factors
Quality Assurance
Methods of Instruction
Leadership and Management skills
Basic Personal and Business Finance

Students will receive the following additional certifications:

Restricted Radio Operators Licence
Private Pilot Ground School 

After Graduation
Post-secondary program entrance requirements vary between career paths.  And because high school courses allow for some compatibility between post-secondary programs students will have a clear understanding of the respective program's requirements.  

The program will culminate with a resume assessment to determine what additional courses, training or experience is required.

A program certificate of completion will be provided.