Attention to detail.

Maintenance & Manufacturing         

Whether you are maintaining aircraft, repairing components or manufacturing modification kits we can help you ensure that your quality systems are effective.  Many regulatory agencies prefer third-party audits for impartial reviews.


Operations & Base Inspections    

Do you have remote bases for operations?  We can take a fresh, unbiased look at your facilities and equipment to ensure everything is compliant with company policy and procedure, and regulatory requirements. 


Vendor Audits

Organizations sometimes purchase raw material or finished parts as part of their work flow.  Getting and keeping vendors on the approved list can be time-consuming and sometimes falls into the low-priority column.  Missed vendor audits is a common finding of non-conformance.


Protecting your interest.
Pre-Purchase Inspection

Getting into a new aircraft can be a long process.  Before the negotiations begin make sure you know what you're getting.  We can take a good look before you commit to purchase.

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Lender/Insurer Appraisal

Whether you are looking to refinance or your insurer needs a valuation, we will give you the data you need to move forward in the right direction.  We offer both on-site and desktop appraisals.

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Leased Fleet Inspection

If you do not have the time or the expertise to inspect your aircraft out on lease you can task us with a remote site inspection.  We can help ensure that your asset is in good hands.  

Aircraft & Product Certification

Through our affiliates.
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Import & Export Guidance

If you have never imported or exported an aircraft we can help you prepare your regulatory documentation prior to arranging MDM visit.  Remote review of your application package.

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Aircraft Certification

After you have completed your regulatory documentation we can connect you to an MDM.  Usually two days in duration - one day of remote documentation review and one day of onsite aircraft and component inspection. 

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Design Approval & Manufacturing Guidance 

Developing a new product requires much preparation in supporting documentation and project planning.  We can connect you to a DAR to help get your product approved.